clementes – anatomy dissector third edition

One of my objectives in writing this book was to combine a home study exercise with a laboratory dissection experience. Each chapter is a separate dissection and lesson. Indexed to Clemente’s Anatomy, A Regional Atlas of the Human Body (4th Edition) with references to three other popular atlases (Grant’s Atlas, 11th Edition; Netter’s Atlas, 3rd Edition; and Rohen’s Atlas, 5th Edition), the student learns the step-by-step dissection procedure for the laboratory along with relevant text information

that enhances the laboratory work. At home, the learning process can be repeated by reading the text of each chapter and, following the dissection procedure, by simultaneously viewing the line drawings of this book and the relevant pages or plates in one of the referenced atlases.

In this book, significant attention is paid to surface anatomy in virtually every relevant dissection. This aspect of anatomy is of prime importance for its clinical implications.

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