a guide to the mrcp part 2 written paper- second edition

It is 11 years since the publication of the first edition of this book. There have been many changes in  medicine over that period; new evidence, new technologies and even one or two new diseases. With time it has become clear that the favourable reception accorded the first edition would not be sustained by further reprints without adapting to these changing circumstances. With the encouragement of the staff at the publishers, Hodder Arnold, we have therefore, not always willingly, laboured to produce a second edition.

In that time there have also been many changes in the approach of the Royal Colleges to examining those applying for their seal of approval, but the importance of that approval remains undiminished. We have therefore also had to adapt, for better or for worse, to the new (and ever-changing) examinations format, while trying to update the questions to more closely reflect the practice of medicine more than a decade on.

Progression through most careers involves crossing the thresholds of examinations set by professional associations. The further you get, the more important it becomes not just to have ‘the knowledge’, but also the technique.

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