harrisons endocrinology second edition

The editors of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine refer to it as the “mother book,” a description that confers respect but also acknowledges its size and its ancestral status among the growing list of Harrison’s products, which now include Harrison’s Manual of Medicine, Harrison’s Online, and Harrison’s Practice, an online highly structured reference for point-of-care use and continuing education. This book, Harrison’s Endocrinology, second edition,is a compilation of chapters related to the specialty of endocrinology.

While Harrison’s Endocrinology is classic in its organization, readers will sense the impact of the scientific renaissance as they explore the individual chapters in each section. In addition to the dramatic advances emanating from genetics and molecular biology, the introduction of an unprecedented number of new drugs, particularly for the
management of diabetes and osteoporosis, is transforming the field of endocrinology.

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