Handbook of Nutrition and Food, Second Edition

The book discusses particular challenges relevant to minority populations, school age children, and military recruits, and compares dietary guidelines in the US and around the world. Fully one third of the book relates the latest findings in clinical nutrition and the prevention and amelioration of wide range of disease states. In addition to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and renal diseases, contributions cover cancer treatment, eating disorders, pancreatic health, eye diseases, alcohol metabolism, food allergies, the genetics of human obesity, and herbal supplements.

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physiology cases and problems

This book was written for first- and second-year medical students who are studying physiology and pathophysiology. In the framework of cases, the book covers clinically relevant topics in physiology by asking students to answer open-ended questions and solve problems.

This book is intended to complement lectures, course syllabi, and traditional textbooks of physiology. The chapters are arranged according to organ system, including cellular and autonomic, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and acid–base, gastrointestinal, and endocrine and reproductive physiology.

Each chapter presents a series of cases followed by questions and problems that emphasize the most important physiologic principles. The questions require students to perform complex, multistep reasoning and to think integratively across the organ systems. The problems emphasize clinically relevant calculations.

ebook kedokteran