100 Cases Histories in Clinical Medicine for mrcp

Medical science is a very vast field and is expanding every day. It is extremely difficult to keep abreast the knowledge, as lots of advancements have been made in this field every moment and the concepts keep on changing perpetually. However, a medical doctor should at least be aware of common medical problems which he could face in his professional career. These problems may present individually or as multisystem disorders.

Basic working knowledge and clinical skills are required to analyze these problems methodically and reach to a diagnosis and then plan appropriate management. This book is an effort to pick up the “brains” by exercising problem solving. The set up is very simple. A brief history and important clues on clinical examination along with investigations are provided.

Few important investigations are intentionally omitted and are asked in questions. In a few histories, the ECG or X-ray is shown and the reader is expected to interpret those to reach a diagnosis. In this book SI units have been used.

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